Probabilistic P. O. E. M.



P. = Perceptions


with just seventeen
syllables a haiku's worth
a thousand pictures


artist and scientist
both seek beauty so they join
a dating service


squirrel has the nuts
in a texas hold'em game
cheeks spoil poker face


life's a win win game
first the other guy will win
then he wins again


faster than light speed
einstein crossed a bridge before
he could get to it




O. = Occupations


uranium splits
to start the chain reaction
then the neighbors split


statistics don't lie
they just don't tell everything
statisticians know


peter pan grew up
now he can no longer fly
so he rides the bus


i'm an old cowhand
who can't seem to find a job
now'days cows have hoofs


specialists are best
at getting the right answer
to the wrong problem




E. = Expressions


measure twice cut once
but where do you cut when two
measurements differ


coffee tea or milk
well that is a tough question
when you want a beer


sportscaster was seen
wearing women's lingerie
pretty freudian slip


trial and error
is the jeopardy answer
why o.j. is free


object in mirror
is closer than it appears
and then it hits you




M. = Meditations


extra virgin oil
comes from olives that never
even thought of sex


geometry proves
beyond a shadow of doubt
there has to be doubt


early man painted
primal utterance on wall
waiting for subway


lord on this easter
bless our eggs so they create
good cholesterol


mom said you can fool
some people all of the time
was she fooling me