On Words


Art Tech Media

... are named in a two-part "T A" format, where "T" is the Tech and "A" is the Art. For example, "Algorithmic Composition" is a medium in which mathematical algorithms (T) are used in musical composition (A).

Art Tech Statements

... tell HOW Art and Tech are related in each Art Tech Medium. They are Art Tech pieces in and of themselves because their design aesthetics are founded on mathematics and psychology.

Art Tech Numbers

... are design constraints that have been applied in writing the Art Tech Statements. These constraints are based on measurements of the length and layout of text that people like to read. Too little and they just don't get it - too hefty and they get tired or bored. All 17 of the Art Tech Statements in Art Tech Expo have EXACTLY:

149        words

8    sentences

3  paragraphs


and so does this page.